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    Piarom Dates

    run and having fun
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    High Quality Nuts

    For your health
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    As the wind
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  • dates2


    Dates provide a wide range of essential nutrients, and are very good source of dietary PotassiumREADMORE...
  •                                    Raisins

    The sultana is a "white" (pale green), oval seedless grape variety also called the sultanina...
  •                                 Pistachios

    Pistachio nuts are intertwined with Iranian culture and are actually present in all facets of Iranian life.
  •                                           Pure Honey

    Honey is a delicious viscous sweetener made naturally by bees for their own nourishment.



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Company Mission:

Customers are the power of this movement and in fact they are the most valuable thing that we have around us and their satisfaction is our asset. Sending goods all around the world to all types of market in different countries and it means limitations cannot stop us to serve globally our current and new customer. We are here for our customers and for developing our business with more sustainable elements that can maintain and promote the infrastructure of our business. By using our competitive advantages such as quality, quantity, shipment, responsibility, delivery and price we want to be in the top of the market.

Company Focus:

  • Work Smart

  • Act with urgency

  • Work efficiently

  • Be the Brand

  • Possess a world view

  • responsive to change